I think you need passion in order to achieve constant dedication.
— Patricia Niven



We create tutorials to support the artistic journey from capture to edit, dedicating our time to helping you discover the ways in which Capture One can transform your workflow.

Color Editor

The color editor is one of the most powerful tools in Capture One. This tutorial shows you how to tweak and change hue, saturation and lightness for absolute color precision.

(5:17 min)


Live View & Composing

Learn how Live View can help to fine-tune for composition and sharpness when shooting tethered directly to your computer in this tutorial focusing on teaching techniques of precision editing.

(1:20 min) 

Webinar: The Color Editor Master Class

Capture One’s Color Editor is one of the most useful, capable and impressive tools in Capture One’s arsenal.

Learn how to precisely select color ranges, perform edits and combine with layered adjustments for ultimate control.



How does food photographer Patricia Niven define dedication? 

Meet Patricia Niven, a food and portrait photographer based in London. For her, dedication is about being relentless in the creative process, no matter the environment. What’s most important is that everyone working with her in the room has that same level of tenacity to create a beautiful image together.

Watch the video to hear Patricia talk about creating a beautiful image with undefined expectations.