It’s not about hours. You cannot be a dedicated person and think in minutes. It’s about time; it’s about years.
— Dayron Vera

Capture One is designed to enable creative ambition

For more than two decades, Capture One has embraced a commitment to creating a high-performance, high-speed workflow that allows photographers to spend their time focusing on their passions. Capture One’s industry leading tethered capture is fast, flexible and reliable, for those photography sessions where speed and accuracy is important.


We create tutorials to support the artistic journey from capture to edit, dedicating our time to your ease of access to the ways in which Capture One can transform your workflow.

Tethered shooting

Capture images directly to your computer using a USB cable for instant previews. Simply connect your camera to your computer and create a new Session.

(1:15 min)


Rating, Tagging and Filtering

Finding and tagging the best images among hundreds, maybe thousands, of images is something most photographers face. Learning how rating, tagging and filtering works in Capture One will greatly reduce the time needed to overcome this task quickly and efficient.

(6:20 min)


Export to Final Formats

Learn how to easily export images to different format, sizes and locations. Apply output sharpening to make sure your final images are always crisp.

(1:31 min)

Exploring Session Workflows

“Sessions” are a unique but simple file management option in Capture One. Many of you may not have heard about it or explored this workflow optimised system.

In this webinar we can show you just how powerful Sessions are, to speed through a job or project. See how to Import, Select, Rate, Tag and Export in this essential webinar!


What’s the measure of dedication according to Dayron Vera?

This is Dayron Vera, a former ballet dancer and a current professional photographer who dances with his past through photography. He knows dedication because he lives it through his lifelong commitment to capturing the beauty of ballet - first as a dancer, now as a photographer. 

Watch the video to hear more about an image that is special to Dayron and the journey he has taken.