If you aren’t out there actually in the field every day practicing and working on your craft, then you’re not really dedicated.
— Humza Deas


We create tutorials to support the artistic journey from capture to edit, dedicating our time to your ease of access to the ways in which Capture One can transform your workflow.


Working with layers in Capture One 11

The masking functionalities in Capture One open up for more advanced image editing possibilities and allow precise adjustments for optimal control. Watch an in-depth, one-hour webinar to learn everything there is to know about layers in Capture One.

(53:34 min)


Using layer adjustments

Watch this quick tutorial and learn how to apply changes to parts of your image using layers. Get familiar with more advanced image editing possibilities, how to make precise adjustments, and see how you can get optimal control of your editing process.

(4:10 min)


Export to final formats

Learn how to easily export images to different formats, sizes and locations. Apply output sharpening to control the image quality with precision to get the most details out of your images. 

(1:31 min) 


Capture One Blog

Have you ever wondered what benefits shooting RAW will bring to your images? This short blog post will run through the most important differences between RAW and JPG, and how you can obtain the highest precision in your editing workflow for the best image quality possible.

Webinar: City and Travel RAW Editing Workflow

There are many challenges faced by the travel photographer, for example, changing or suboptimal lighting conditions.

What techniques are there in Capture One to optimize any image, and rescue those which you thought were beyond help?  This Webinar will look at the use of simple adjustment tools combined with more powerful layered adjustments.